Sl. Title Date Action
1 What services could not be provided to companies that are not registered with BIDA? Oct 11, 2021 Download
2 How can BIDA help its registered investors in accessing loans from financial institutions (domestic and overseas)? Oct 11, 2021 Download
3 Does BIDA provide any loans or grants or any type of finance to its registered investors? Is there any opportunity to obtain loans or funding through BIDA? Oct 11, 2021 Download
4 What are the privileges specific to export-oriented industries and how bonded warehousing facility worked and in Bangladesh? What specific privileges are offered to export-oriented industries? How bonded warehousing facilities are offered in Bangladesh? Oct 11, 2021 Download
5 A. What types of software development and information technology enabled services company are eligible for corporate income tax (CIT) exemption? B. How much exemption is offered to these companies? Oct 11, 2021 Download
6 What privileges and facilities are provided to the registered investors, apart from the incentives for investment? Oct 11, 2021 Download
7 How can investors obtain ad-hoc IRC from BIDA? Can BIDA play a part in IRC regularization? Oct 11, 2021 Download
8 How long does it take to process the application of IRC recommendation in BIDA? Oct 11, 2021 Download
9 Hygiene and safety for working place Oct 11, 2021 Download
10 How does the Labor Act regulate the formation of labor union? Oct 11, 2021 Download