Light Engineering


Bangladesh exports LE goods worth less than USD half a billion annually on an average.

Bangladesh’s Light Engineering sector offers huge opportunities for investments due to growing demand for machineries and parts/ components from the expanding manufacturing sector, favorable economic policies and attractive incentives


Light engineering (LE) sector makes significant contribution to the economy of Bangladesh through providing various industrial machinery and spare-parts, electrical equipment and parts, casting and molding products, agriculture, printing & packaging and construction equipment and a number of spare-parts for almost all categories of machinery and equipment. As of 2018, The total domestic market size was estimated to be USD 12 billion (according to PwC). While local production has been gradually increasing, they meet only 50% of the overall demand. Electrical goods such as switch, socket, fan meet 48% to 50% of total demand with the rest being met by imports according to Bangladesh Industry Technical Assistance Center (BITAC)

Despite being adversely hit by the COVID pandemic during 2019-20, export earnings in FY2020-21 grew by 67 percent YOY to reach USD 489 million. Bicycle accounts for almost one-fourth of total export with potential to grow further as the demand for eco-friendly means of transport increased, especially in the EU countries. Other than bicycle, Bangladesh exports electrical equipment such as lead accumulator, refrigerator, compressor, transistor, diode as well as optical lens.

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600,000 people employed by 40,000 LE companies

34 LE clusters in 18 districts of the country

Huge growth potential in this segment as local production only meets 50% of the total demand

13.7 %
Manufacturing sector in Bangladesh growing at a CAGR
12 billion US$
Domestic Market size in 2019
489 million USD
Export earnings in FY2020-21 grew by 67 percent YOY to reach

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